Super Maverick Bros

This is my game i made called super maverick bros.

I worked on this game for 10 years. It started out as spite for when my best friend Maverick Spilled his rum and coke all over my nintendo switch and never got me back for it. Instead i forgave maverick and started work on this. this has become a super funny game ripe with 8bit renditions of my favorite artist kanye west and dated inside jokes that you normies would not get XD also it is OFFENSIVE AS FUCKKKKK!!!! so yeah, prepared to get your jimmies russled XDDDDD.


  • This game is actually really awful, and not just becuase of its offensive nature but just in general. i dont like 8bit things and this just isnt something im all that into sorry - Edin
  • Very Queerish, would no be surprised if the person who made this was a wigger shit for brains - BaconLikeButter
  • Me gustan los colores, el sonido y la jugabilidad divertida. pero como uso los trucos para acelerar? - Aleah